The ITRS Management Group began back in 2012 and began with Gilles Wauthy who made his first acquisition with ITRS. He then welcomed an associate, David Dandenault in 2018. Together, they then acquired Vulcan Vulcap in 2018 and almost simultaneously welcomed an additional partner, Gabriel Boutet. While exchanging with one of their valued partners, they saw an opportunity to create a brand new business concept and so, ITRS Transit was born and welcomed Jean-Felix Lavallée as the fourth and final partner. Together this dynamic foursome is shaking things up in the Tire Repair Industry by using the strengths of each of their skills to offer maximum potential to all three businesses, all the while being in 100% integrity with each of them so that their clients receive the very best.

Gilles wauthy
​chairman  of the board

Gilles Wauthy, President for the ITRS Group, is the source of where it all began. It’s thanks to his vision and know-how that this group came to see the light of day, and he now gets to reap the benefits of all those years of passion and dedication.

In the summer of 1985, he first entered the tire repair industry while studying Business Administration, working in Firestone’s Montreal Warehouse. During his time there, he made quite the name for himself. So, when the warehouse closed down, it wasn’t long before he was recruited by one of Firestone’s Eastern Tire Equipment’s clients to become Myers Industries’ newest Business Controller.

This experience was enlightening and life-changing for this visionary when he saw all the possibilities that the tire repair industry had to offer the environment. After exploring and learning anything and everything about tire repair and retreading that he could in the decade he spent there, he stepped down from his General Manager position to fully embrace and step into Entrepreneurship. He felt it in his bones that he was meant for the freedom that entrepreneurship offered as he was on a mission - to innovate and fully explore and push OTR tire repair and retreading into a new era.

The innovation potential for OTR tires was there. In 1999, he met an Italian firm that was making repair products, and together, they innovated and developed a process and products to repair oversized tires.

Fast forward to 2012 when he acquired ITRS, who, at the time, was reselling his products to the Americas. He was now positioned to continue innovating and have a significant impact on the industry and the environment. Before long, he welcomed David Dandeneault, a long-standing ITRS client, who brought with him his knowledge and experience. Their partnership allowed them to acquire Vulcan Vulcap and continue innovating and researching the science of tire repair. Together, they created an entire range of tire repair and retread equipment and accessories.

By then, things were moving fast, and the partners knew that welcoming Gabriel Boutet to the team would bring about a new level of depth to their business structure. His calming presence brought about more expansion to the business, and they created a new business when they saw an opportunity. This opportunity allowed them to welcome Jean-Félix Lavallée as their newest managing partner for the ITRS Transit company.

When Gilles isn’t traveling the world exploring and discovering new things, you can catch him by the lake, dreaming and, of course, planning his future RV adventures, or simply playing catch with his dog.

David  Dandeneault
Vulcan Vulcap President

David Dandeneault, Vulcan Vulcap President, oversees anything and everything that has to do with the Science of Tire Repair. Which means that you can find him in a tire shop repairing tires, teaching others how to repair tires, or developing new technologies to keep innovating and driving the business forward.

He comes from a family who’s always been in the tire industry, and he is now the third generation to endeavor within this exciting industry. His grandfather worked at Firestone in Montreal, where he managed the recap program and then launched his own Tire Repair and OTR business with his father. His entire childhood was spent helping cut rubber strips for his grandfather until he could finally learn everything there is to know about tire repair. Together, these three generations of entrepreneurs were the first in Quebec to use cable replacement technology to repair truck and OTR tires.

Back then, their tire repair representative was Gilles Wauthy; never did he imagine that they would one day become business partners. However, when one of their main competitors bought out the family business, David stuck around for two years but felt like something was missing. When he heard that Gilles was looking for associates, he knew it was time to explore new adventures.

It was in 2017 that he joined the team as Project Manager, and in a matter of a few months, he’d already purchased shares within the company. When the opportunity to acquire Vulcan Vulcap, they didn’t hesitate to purchase ITRS’s now sister company. It proved to be quite the adventure that led them to welcome two new partners in the business, Gabriel Boutet and Jean-Félix Lavallé.

Today, his experience and expertise have positioned him as an industry leader and reference, and he continues to assist the tire repair industry through his inspirations and innovative ideas.

This father of two beautiful girls loves spending time with his wife and daughters, and he leaves his tire repair tools at work only to replace them with a hammer at home as he enjoys renovating. Otherwise, you can catch him for high tea and cookies with his princesses.


Gabriel  Boutet
ITRS President

Gabriel Boutet, ITRS President, first entered the tire repair and retread industry working for ITRS back in 2015. The business enthralled him to the point that he decided to explore entrepreneurship and launch his own tire repair business. His company offered him a priceless platform where he learned the ins and outs of everything and anything related to the tire repair industry. It wasn’t long before he was a veritable expert in the field. In 2018, he decided to return to ITRS with a whole new perspective and better equipped than ever to assist the business in its future expansion endeavors.

It didn’t take much time before he stepped up and became a partner in the business. He could feel it in his bones that they were on the cusp of something incredible, and the potential of everything they could offer the industry truly resonated with his core values. He’d never yet experienced such vibrant partnerships as the ones he’d had with the other management team members and knew he was standing on his X when he joined their ranks.

He quickly felt the difference from what he’d experienced in the past. The heaviness that once burdened him and made his days seem interminable was replaced with lightness and meaning.

Today, when he heads out to the office in the mornings, he’s inhabited by such joy and pleasure and knows that the team is far more than just a team, they’re a tight-knit family who works together, and this can be felt across their entire pipeline, all the way to their clients and suppliers. This family continues to be strong and motivated as they grow the business and positively impact the environment with everything ITRS does under Gabriel’s humanistic management style.

When Grabiel isn’t at work, you’ll find him up and about early in the morning working on other fun projects, whether it’s improving his back yard, taking care of the chickens and rabbits with his kids. He loves spending time in nature and is passionate about enjoying quality time with his beautiful wife and kids. Traveling to other countries, learning about how they savor life is something he has always been fascinated by and is looking forward to experiencing it with his family shortly.


Jean-Felix Lavallee
Transit  ITRS President

Jean-Félix Lavallée, ITRS Transit Vice-President, has a unique role within both companies. Initially hired to work as a technician for ITRS Transit, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder and, in the span of two years, went from Technician to Division Manager to co-owner of ITRS. This structured and methodical entrepreneur knows how to set up a business structure, execute it, and repeat the same process within another company, which is what he’s doing through his various roles.

As a child growing up, he would admire his father and dream of becoming as successful as he was. He could spend hours listening to him practice his craft on the phone with clients and always wanted to know about his most recent deals and contracts.

Jean-Félix graduated as an electromechanical technician four years ago, and he met and began his adventure with the ITRS family upon completing his certification. He knew from the moment he set foot in the business that it would hold a special place in his heart, a place where he would want to invest himself and assist in the company’s international expansion. Now in 2021, he’s officially part of ITRS’s management team and knows in his heart that the best is yet to come.

When he isn’t musing about the company’s growth potential, you can find him enjoying time with his two wonderful children, as well as with his close friends. He and Gabriel Boutet share a brotherhood bond that they’ve nurtured for the past 12 years, and he couldn’t be happier to stand side by side with him on this amazing adventure. You can find the pair playing hockey outdoors. Otherwise, you’ll find him playing football or video games with friends.


ITRS  Training  director   &  Technical  Advisor  for  Latin  America

Jonathon Orellana E. is ITRS’s Training Director and Technical Advisor for Latin America. His journey began over thirteen years ago, and today, he’s become quite the OTR Tire specialist, especially within the mining industry.

He began his adventure with Bailac in San Chile where he worked as a technician in OTR Tire Chain installations. A year later, he took over the Sectorial tire repair department as he performed service activities related to tire installation and removal, always within the mining industry.

In 2012 he became the plant manager at Sectorial Repair and traveled to Brazil in the hopes of having the opportunity to train at Michelin’s factory.

A year later, he was in classrooms teaching about the importance of OTR tire safety. He was only at the beginning of his travels when in 2015, he landed in Mexico, where he launched MOUNTAR’s very first tire repair and service project, which, back then, was called BAILAC MEXICO.

As usual, good news travels fast, and in 2018, he joined MICHELIN Chile to work as a Technical Sales Executive. He wasn't there for too long before moving on to Anglo American Chile where he worked for a year. He finally found his ITRS Family in 2020, and became the official ITRS Training Director and Technical Advisor for Latin America.

Anyone who’s had the chance of crossing paths with Jonathon knows how passionate he is about the mining industry and OTR tires. And, especially about teaching others and sharing valuable information and knowledge which he learned along the way. The way his eyes light up when his passion for teaching is ignited makes for dynamic energy within his classroom which in turn motivates students to want to learn more.

You’ll see that same passion ignite when he talks about his beautiful wife and all the fun adventures they’ve had together. Who knows what next adventure awaits them!                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Sandra  Velazquez
ITRS  Customer Service  Manager

Sandra Velázquez, ITRS Customer Service Manager, found herself in the tire and retread industry thanks to a chance meeting with Gilles Wauthy in 2012. Having worked in the tourism industry her entire life, she knew that languages were a definite key to success. Sure enough, her trilingualism is a huge asset to the tire and retread industry, but especially to ITRS.

Today, she continues to work as a crucial liaison between the International Sales Team and the Canadian Team. She’s playing a pivotal role in developing the Latin American market and feels a great sense of accomplishment knowing that her contribution makes a difference. Anyone who’s had the opportunity to work with her knows how thorough and efficient she is in making everything happen flawlessly.

Born and raised in Mexico City, her passion for exploring the world led her to study Tourism Management. In 1997, she traveled to Quebec, Canada, to continue learning and practicing English. That’s when she met her future husband, and after returning to Mexico to complete her Bachelor’s Degree and marry her husband, they decided to return to Montreal, where they’ve been living ever since.

If you can’t find her in the office, you’ll surely find her out and about exploring new hiking trails or savoring her favorite spots. Otherwise, she’ll be somewhere by the lake, camping, and soaking in the best that nature has to offer.