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Our mission at iTRS is to be the world leader in training and innovation of quality products at a competitive price that meets and exceeds our customers expectations while saving money and reducing carbon footprints.

International Tire Repair Solutions Inc. is a full-service company based in Montreal, Canada established in 2007, today is considered “the” world leader in CABLE REPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY.

iTRS offers a full range of products, tools and tire repair personnel training and certification for #OTR tires repairs throughout North and Latin America as well as Europe; we are the exclusive distributor of Bestpatch products and Tap Rap tire repair system. We have the technology, expertise, materials and equipment to ensure the best results possible with the most innovative repair techniques available, many of which are exclusive to our C2G Tire Management licensees.

iTRS Cable replacement technology is capable of repairing tire damages assumed unrepairable, our worldwide consultants are ready to train and certify your repair technicians on:

  • Safety Training
  • Web based software
  • Cable replacement technology
  • Tire repair certification program

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