Cable Replacement


After many months of designing and testing along with manufacture R&D Vulcan Vulcap has designed the new “V-FLEX ” cable replacement system, a two part component repair materials for RADIAL injuries. 

“V-FLEX ” patches are comprised of the same cable materials found on RADIAL tires, providing a seamless alignment with unparalleled flexibility, a 2nd tier reinforcement patch is then applied and vulcanized offering maximum durability and longevity to your tires.
V-FLEX Radial Cable Replacement System is lightweight, easy to install and comes in a plethora of sizes, from small to larger repair areas than ever before.

V-FLEX offers a indefectible and long lasting repair, which will extend the casing life cycle of your RADIAL tires, creating less waste and lowering your consumer carbon footprint.
For more information please contact ITRS, exclusive distributor of V-FLEX at for pricing and availability and for a list of all our products and services visit our new website