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VFLEX® CABLE REPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY is "THE" solution to repair tire injuries previously thought irreparable. TIRE REPAIR SOLUTION THAT SAVES YOU A TON OF MONEY

VFLEX® cable replacement technology is possible due to the revolutionary flexible radial fabric used in our VFLEX® units which are embedded with the same cable materials found on RADIAL tires, providing a seamless alignment with unparalleled flexibility, a 2nd tier reinforcement patch is then applied and vulcanized offering maximum durability and longevity to your tires. Cable Replacement technology allows for effective repairs of tire injuries that are on sidewall and bead areas of a tire.
VFLEX® Radial Cable Replacement is lightweight, easy to install and comes in a plethora of sizes, from small to larger repair areas than ever before.

VFLEX® offers a indefectible and long lasting repair, which will extend the casing life cycle of your RADIAL tires, creating less waste and lowering your consumer carbon footprint.
• Reduce new tire expenditure
• Extend tire life in service
• Guaranteed ROI
• Re-use injured tires
• Can repair large injuries up to 12 cables on 57” and 63” OTR or 15 cables on 49” and 51” OTR tires.
• Reduces your carbon footprint
Due to its complexity, this VFLEX® cable replacement technology can only be performed by accredited technicians. Training and Certification is offered exclusively to you ON-SITE by ITRS.