tire repair solutions

With the same intent at heart to train and certify technicians and bring revolutionary tire repair technologies to the industry, ITRS has uniquely positioned itself within the industry. A veritable one-stop shop, ITRS works with many of the industry’s leaders to keep pushing the envelope and develop new, improved, safer, more efficient, and less costly technologies.


With over 50 years of industry experience in the OTR tire repair field, we’ve collaborated with our valued partner, Vulcan Vulcap. As a result, we’ve developed an exclusive line of flexible and affordable OTR tire repair materials that include cable replacement technologies that can fix all tire sizes and injury types. We keep improving and revolutionizing technologies so that our products are the most innovative, safe, and flexible products and repair techniques in the market, and this, at the most competitive pricing.


We then came full circle with our Tire Repair Certification, which equips participants with the necessary know-how to be proficient in all types of tire repairs.



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